Are You A Spiritual Person?

July 25, 2011

the kicker was, a few hours later my patient (a very sane & appropriate gentleman), asked me “are you a spiritual person?”. I was like, yeah, so he told me, “I see people.” I laughed. “So do I!”. No, he said, DEAD PEOPLE. He asked, “have people died in this room? I can feel them.” All of a sudden the room got very cold. I got goosebumps. It was seriously creeping me out. He told me that he was seeing people who have died in the Burn Unit… they were coming in and out of his room and mouthing words/gesturing to him. He didn’t seem to be afraid. It was this matter of fact sorta thing. Makes me wonder if my patient will die. I’ve never had anyone talk with me about something like that with such seriousness.

– Posted by VivaRN; Allnurses


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