The Hairdresser Sees Dead People

July 24, 2011

My wife went for a hair appointment maybe around a month ago. When she got home she proceeded to tell me a story that I’m still wondering about. She said just after she sat down in the salon chair and explained to the stylist what she wanted done, the stylist asked my wife something to the effect of would she be bothered if she said something odd to her or something along those lines. My wife said no, that it would be okay but at first she almost suspected she was going to be hit on. So the stylist says to my wife, there’s an older, quite attractive woman who’s been standing behind you since you got in here. My wife said she didn’t respond to this in any particular way so the stylist continued to say that this woman would really like to be introduced to her grandkids and that she misses us but otherwise that we shouldn’t worry. She said she wished she had smiled more but that she was never unhappy.

My wife was speechless. My mother died the same year my wife and I married, in fact shortly before the wedding. We hadn’t visited her grave since our wedding day and our kids had never been. There is absolutely no way that woman at the salon could have known anything personal about either my wife, me or our family but she had details regarding my mother’s personality that would be considered uncommon if one were to guess at random traits. I reallly don’t know what the hell to make of that. I’m a skeptic by nature so since I only got the story via my wife and wasn’t there personally I try to find an explanation but I can’t.

We’ve taken the kids to the cemetary in the meantime.

– Posted by fatal_exception; Fark


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