July 24, 2011

My wife’s old apartment was haunted. It was an old Victorian house that had been divided up into 4 apartments. We had so many weird things that happened there it would take a couple of pages to list them all. Mostly, it was things disappearing and reappearing somewhere else. We actually saw the thing in the kitchen on a Sunday afternoon. We were getting ready for dinner and this white glowing sphere just appeared between us. It stayed there for maybe 2 seconds and poof, gone. For about 2 months, about three times a week, we would hear this loud knock on the entryway door. I would open the door and there would be no one there. I just happened to be standing by the door once when this happened, I snatched the door open really fast…nothing.
We had an old, busted black and white TV that we used as a nightlight. On night we were lying in bed talking and this eerie, muffled voice starts coming out of the TV. I reached over to see if the volume knob had been turned up, but it was completely off. In fact, I couldn’t remember the last time it had made a sound with the volume up.
It was kinda cool actually, I never felt scared, although it freaked the cats out a couple of times. We moved into our current house and nothing ghostly has ever happened.

– Posted by DriveBy; Fark

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