July 24, 2011

My wife has a story about when she was 15 babysitting her sisters at her parents home.

Her parents were out for the night, and she was sitting in the family room of her parents small house, reading a book. My wife reads and gets very engrossed in books, but for some reason she was having trouble concentrating on one particular section. She set the book down, and was getting out of the sofa to go to the kitchen to get a drink of water. When she looked to the entryway to the kitchen, she saw a ominus(sic) black figure that stood tall enough to cover the header of the door. Immediately she froze and her heart leapt into her throat. But just as soon as she noticed the figure, it was gone, vanishing into mid air.

For those of you who are the Sci-Fi channel “Ghost Hunter’s” fans, when they were at the Seattle area Asylum a couple weeks ago, the cloaked black figure that covered the window was what gave her the most reminiscence of her particular experience.

I don’t, with out hesitation, doubt her story at all. There are definitely some other-worldly phenominon in this world. I just hope I never get to experience this type of thing myself.

– Posted by Jolonco; Fark


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