July 22, 2011

Here is a OUIJA story, so everyone panic….

My mother’s family has a hunting camp in rural central New York State. It was built in the 1860s, on land that was often traversed by Civil War union troops and I’m sure we can throw some Native American burials into the mix as well.
Every July we have a “chowder party” where the familty gets together, gets drunk, and cooks “chowder” in a modified 55 gal drum. (Western New Yorkers will understand, this ain’t your Boston Clam Chowdah, it’s more of a stew, but I digress…)
In 2004 I took my friend to the family gathering. We, along with my uncle have an interest in the paranormal, while everyone else just thinks we are stupid.
The three of us were using the Ouija board in the upstairs front bedroom. The board was very active and moving quickly and smoothly.
About halfway into the session it stopped abruptly and spelled out J-O-K-E. We all looked at each other, as soon as we took our eyes from the board, we hear this banging at the window.
My family who doubted us were in the front yard. They had put a ski mask on a pole and were tapping on the glass of the second-story window.

The board had warned us…. and we just laughed and thanked it.

– Posted by Hester Prynne; Fark

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