The Jumper

July 15, 2011

The time: Fourth of July 2000
The place, Scargo Tower, the highest point on cape cod.

Scargo Tower is a classic stone watchtower. It’s a stone structure that goes up to fifty feet high with a single iron spiral staircase. The thing is open until 6 PM when iron bars are drawn across the door.

The hill it’s built on allows a view of the entire south side beach, and thus was a frequent spot to watch fireworks from. On this particular night, there were four beach shows, one barge show,and one show celebrating the 80th birthday of the town’s patron.

For three hours myself and all these other people watch all the fireworks from hill with a view. As the last celebration winds down and the people begin to pack up their picnic gear and leave, we all hear a shriek like a banshee howl coming from the top of the tower. This shriek is followed by a sickening crunch. Flashlights and headlights blaze into the darkness, searching around the tower and in the woods below the hill for what they believe is a suicide attempt. There’s nothing there. No body, no blood, and the iron bars on the tower are secure and unmoved.

Fear leads to suspicion and people begin slinging accusations at each other. We’re all getting into the spirit of fear and panic when we hear the same sound a second time. A banshee wail and a crunch, and once again nothing is at the tower’s base or in the woods.

At this moment, the majority of people, myself included, decided we’ve probably overstayed our welcome and beat a retreat down the road back into town.

– Posted by Wraithstrike; Fark


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