The Cold Black Hand

July 15, 2011

When I was a kid (around 11 or 12) I shared a bunk bed with my sister. It was on of those L shaped ones, and I was on top. For about a week my sister (3 years younger) refused to go into our bedroom. She said she saw a hand in the corner, and we all laughed and made fun of her. Well one night after I wrote in my diary I put it under my pillow, and suddenly got this scared sickening feeling. I slowly turned around, and in the gap between the wall and the bed was a black wrinkly hand. The left hand. I didn’t believe it was there, so I wrapped a sheet around my hand and grabbed it, and it was absolutely icy. I threw all of my covers at the hand and ran into my parents bedroom too afraid to speak. I could never sleep in that bed again, so my parents had to sell it.

I don’t know what it was, a really intense dream, a hallucination, or something else. But a few days later a friend was braiding my hair in that room, and a doll flew out of the bed across the room. I still have the occasional dream about the hand, but in the dream my only concern is to take it to someone to prove it is real.

– Posted by somerandomfarkchickgroupie; Fark

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