The Boy In The Lake

July 15, 2011

We have a summer place *cough* cottage -all right then- trailer in a park with a small lake in the middle. Years ago when my kids were small, we bought a paddle boat and went for a ride across the water. Every time we passed the middle of the lake, my then 3 year old daughter would point to the water saying she could see a boy down there looking at her. We simple thought this was the over-active imagination of a small child.
A few years later, I was talking to one of the park owners and she revealed to me that they used to have a diving dock in the middle of the lake but took it away when a boy struck his head and drowned – right at the spot my daughter saw her `friend’. She’s 13 now and avoids that part of the water like the plague.

– Posted by oldfarthenry; Fark


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