That Light

July 15, 2011

My wife and I had multiple strange things happen in our old house. The person who lived in the house right before we did died there. We had her grandmother’s bedroom chest of drawers in the back bedroom. My wife had stuff fly off of shelves at her a couple of times. I was once in the shower and thought my wife had walked in (you know that feeling you get when someone comes in a room even if you can’t see them?) and my shampoo bottle got hit knocking it in towards me in the shower. I thought she was just trying to be sneaky but as it turns out she really was in the living room watching TV.
On completely unrelated note I once woke up to a bright light at the end of my bed. I heard my grandmother’s laughter and then her voice started talking and saying she loved me very much and not to worry about her because she was going to a better place. When I started to do the normal “what the fark is happening??!?!?!?!” that anyone would do in that situation the light just got very bright and everything seemed just fine. The next morning I was awoken by my mom calling to say grandma died last night. I would think I was crazy but I was talking to some family members at the funeral and the same thing happened to my cousin who was stationed down in Texas at the time. I’m not religious AT ALL but I do have to admit that after that night I do believe in some sort of after life. Not only that but even years later just thinking about that light can still make me perfectly calm and happy regardless of what situation I might be in.

– Posted by meteorite; Fark



  1. Dear Meteorite:

    This is a fascinating story. We are looking for new stories for our next season of Paranormal Witness – can we talk to you over the phone about it?


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