Mother’s Cigarette Smoke

July 15, 2011
okay I’ll bite……..I live a few thousand miles from my family. Since I have been estranged from them for oh 7 or 8 years (long story) needless to say I knew or know nothing about their situation. One fine summer afternoon I start smelling cigarette smoke on and around me. I do not smoke tobacco and live by myself so it is pretty noticeable….This goes on for a few days…..I jump in my car on day and happen to notice an extremely strong odor of cigarettes and it is driving me wild…then I look to the passenger seat and lo and behold is a figure just like my mom…….I knew she was dead then……..hmmm go figure ….a few months later I get a fattie in the mail from a will. Not scary but for the longest time I wanted to start smoking cigarettes like crazy and I mean really wanted to…….
– Posted by geosprint; Fark

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