If all three of us were in the room, the door would start slowly closing.

July 15, 2011

Check this out. I used to work at a office supply chain store 3rd shift, 10pm-6am, when I was a teenager. We couldn’t leave the store until the management came in in the morning, and two of the three guys working in the store smoked, so we would go into the basement to have a smoke a few times a night. The basement was as big as a smaller underground parking lot, with a store room in the middle of it. On one side was the area where out store kept stock, shelving, and other crap. The other side of the basement was barren, and had no lights. It was over that side that the room to the boiler room was, as well as an old hallway that had a few unused rooms branching off of it. An old locker room, with showers, and a supply room with old Halloween decorations. We explored these rooms in subsequent trips. But the ghostly experience happened while we were checking out the boiler room which is on the furthest side, and completely in the pitch black dark. We opened the heavy metal door, and we all went inside the room. One of my co workers notices something strange… he proceeded to prove his thory true. If all three of us were in the room, the door would start slowly closing. If one of us was outside, on the other side of the doorway, the door wouldn’t move. Spooky shiat. So after poking around a few minutes, we hear children laughing. Now mind you, it’s about 3am, and we are in an area where if there were a door, it would lead out into the ally behind the store. Also, we considered the tv might be on in the break room which was kind of above us. Neither checked out. There was also no doubt about what we heard, as soon as I heard the laughing, I saw that the other two guys were listening and whispering about what was that as much as I was. Of course I was about to shiat a brick, so I shouted at it… “HELLO?” Umm yea, they kept on laughing as if I hadn’t said a word. It sounded like they were playing. At 3am. In a boiler room. SO cut to a few days later. We are down there smoking cigarettes under the lights in the lighted area of the basement, and there is this metal panel type of thing mounted on the wall in a dimly lit area of the basement. I was looking in that direction when I noticed that I couldnt see it for a few seconds, and the I could. Understand I could only see it barely, because it’s metal, and it reflects light. I assume something walked by it, between it and myself, blocking out the view. Something was down there. So I kept working there, and we would still go down for smokes, and make these nervous jokes. This experience changed my life. Ghosts exists, there is just no doubt to me. I think they are energies left over that can manifest in different ways. They definitely have a presence.

– Posted by threez; Fark

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