Haunted Costume Shop

July 15, 2011

I used to work for a haunted costume shop that was in an old house in Maryland…one day I was cleaning out the closet in the women’s dressing room, I glanced up to see the reflection of a little dark haired boy in the mirror. I went back to sorting and cleaning at the same time I asked him where his parents were. He didn’t respond so I looked up to find him gone. I thought he was shy and ran off. When I finished with the closet a few minutes later I went back out to the main room and asked the only other employee where the little boy went. She said there hadn’t been anyone else in the shop.

Another time 3 of us were standing in the front of the shop talking when one of the cash registers opened by itself. I closed it, it did it 2 more times. Within minutes we all heard footsteps upstairs. It was really damn creepy. I always hated closing up by myself.

– Posted by Erin Go Braless; Fark


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