Glimmering Points of Red Light Where Eyes Would Be

July 15, 2011

I saw it (him?) three times in my old Florida house.

I was lying in my bed wide awake. I had finished reading, my coffee was wmpty, and my girlfriend was asleep next to me. It was dark, but I saw something move in the shadows off to the right of my bed. It was as if a patch of darkness had just suddenly ‘stood up’. I saw something about the size of a small boy, but seemed to be composed entirely of shadow. The shadow walked around to the foot of the bed, then turned it’s head and looked at me. I saw two glimmering points of red light where eyes would be. I briefly got the image of a small child, lost and confused, and a little angry.

It just stood there and looked at me for a moment. The head seemed to tilt a little, as if it didn’t understand what it was seeing. Then it walked ahead around a corner, and into the master bathroom. The shower doors rattled.

When my girlfriend woke up hours later, I was still awake. She wanted to know why I had showered in the middle of the night, and left the bathroom such a mess. There was water everywhere. I couldn’t answer her.

That was the first time I saw him.

– Posted by ItsJustJake; Fark

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