“get off me, get off me”

July 15, 2011

This is from my brother so who knows if he was telling the truth. When he was 16 he took a job out on one the islands in Boston harbor that was once a prison in the civil war and is also famously haunted. The island also has tunnels that lead to a fort in the middle. He said he was working the concessions one day and a lady came blasting out of the tunnels screaming “get off me, get off me” he and a couple of rangers ran over to help the lady and see what was going on, she was rolling on the ground at this point. When they got over to her and tried to help her up he said he felt something push him right off his feet when he reached down to help her up, when he looked around the two rangers were also flat on there backs also with a “WTF” expression on their faces. They proceeded to help the lady up who was hysterical at this point and that was the end of it.

– Posted by Deanho; Fark


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