The Soldiers

July 10, 2011

Just spent 4 hours reading these….Have to share. My ex husband and I had just bought our first house right before our third child was born. It was an old farmhouse that was a mile away from General Brown’s (War of 1812) home during the War. It was built on the land that his soldiers camped on. When we asked about previous owners we were told that there had been “many” since it was built in 1875. No one had lived there for more than five years before selling. Thought it was odd, but no one elaborated, so we moved in.

Strange things happened all the time. Lights flickering, dryer starting for no reason, toilet paper unraveling itself, kids “jolly jumper” jumping by itself, kids talking to those men who have boo boos. If I told them to stop it, they did. (the ghosts, not the kids) Night before my scheduled c-section my parents came to stay with me. The slept in the woodstove room by the stairs leading to our bedrooms. My mother asked me the next day about the soldiers. She said they looked wartorn and had marched through the wall of the woodstove room up the stairs. General Brown’s soldiers coming back to camp after a battle???

I finally got the nerve to ask the farmer who lived in Gen Brown’s old house why no one stayed there long before moving. He said that bad luck always happened to those who lived there. Loss of jobs, divorce, etc…After living there my ex started to become a complete jerk, lost a few jobs, started cheating, treating me very badly–physically and emotionally. One night I heard a man’s voice telling me to leave–it was best.

I decided it was time to leave my ex and I moved 2 weeks later. The night after I moved my stuff out of the house and unplugged all appliances in house (ex moved out one week before I did) the house caught on fire–deemed an electrical shortage–and burned to the ground. Maybe my soldiers were stopping the damage to any other families. BTW ex has returned to normal self, doing well at job, he is the man I once married. Was it the house??? I guess I’ll never know.

– Posted by Shell3; Allnurses

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