Someone Just Came In Here

July 10, 2011

Had always heard ghost stories but never had my own until I had been nursing about 6 years. We had a bed tower in the hospital where I worked the night shift as a float nurse. It was a pretty quiet night at about 3am and the nurses were sitting at the desk charting when my patients light went off. His room was the right in front of the station so I went in to check and he wanted to know “if everything was OK” and I said, “what do you mean” and said, “someone just came in here. I woke up and someone was standing by the bed and then they went out but didn’t say anything.” I didn’t want to upset him, but I knew noone had been in there so I just said, Maybe it was the CNA or maybe you dreamed it, but I was secretly a little freaked out. Then I was REALLY freaked when I went out and told the others. They weren’t surprised, said it happened all the time in that room and the call light frequently went off when the room was unused. No one was sure who the ghost was but had been seen many times. Sure enough not a while later I was working that floor and in the early morning hours the light went off, same story, different patient.

– Posted by jenny031; Allnurses

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