Did You Hear That?

July 10, 2011

this happened my senior year of college, christmas break 2006. I worked for a professor that asked me to house/dog sit for him while he was outta town to see the bowl game that we were in. He was gone for three days and had a huge piece of land in the middle of nowhere. I invited my gf at the time. He had horses and fishing and a gator to ride around on, etc etc.

so the first two nights went down with no incident, but the last night, his little foofy dog is having a fit. she keeps barking at the back door. at first we blow it off, but decide to lock the dog inside in case of a coyote or something. after awhile we start to get a little creeped out. i keep saying it’s probably an animal and we’ll be fine. my gf (not too bright) wants to go investigate to see what’s outside. she goes outside and says she saw something small and grey (probably a coyote) and it ran off. so, just an animal, no worries. but by this time, we’re pretty spooked.

the dog now starts barking at the window on the other side of the house, we’re still trying to ignore it, but a little worried. we decide to get into bed, awkward silence, then i hear it….. it sounds like a young girl singing a soft, eerie lullaby. I don’t say anything, hoping that my mind is playing tricks on me. my gf says, “let’s get the fuck outta here.” I say “why.” she says, “you didn’t hear that little girl singing?” “ok, let’s get the fuck out.” and we got the fuck out. I even called someone to talk to me while we walked out to my car. next morning, went to clean up the house and such.

most scared i’ve ever been. ever.

– Posted by hippiekyle; Nosleep


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