The Walk Home

July 5, 2011

My cousins and I used to love hearing stories from my grandmother (above all) and others about all the creepy and paranormal stuff she and others have experienced back in Pakistan and India. This is the one my dad told me that weirded me out the most as a child.

One day my father’s uncles were walking home after dark. They used to live in a small village surrounded by farms and such and the road they were taking home had a row of houses on one side and a very large cornfield on the other. So while they are proceeding at their leisurely pace they hear the bleating of a goat somewhere up ahead. Since houses bordered this road they had some illumination from lights inside the homes and could see that further up ahead on the side of the corn field is a small baby goat. My father’s uncles thought nothing of it and readily assumed somehow it had gotten lost so one of them lifted it up by putting one arm around its midsection with the assumption they’d return it to whomever it belonged to in the morning. My uncles continue a short distance further when the one carrying the goat felt as if it was getting a bit heavier. He looked down and noticed nothing wrong – until he happened to glance back a bit further and found that the goats legs had stretched and were still firmly planted where they originally picked it up from.

Suffice it to say they immediately dropped the baby goat and ran the rest of the way home.

– Posted by mansoorz; Nosleep


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