Prison Intercom

July 5, 2011

My brother would tell me stories about when he worked at the jail downtown. There were voices shouting and screaming for help from an intercom system that wasn’t connected to the top floor.

This is how that story goes.

One of the oddest things that anyone working there for more than a minute can tell you is about something that happens on top floor. You see, in the jail there is an intercom system that is made for quick communication to the main guard room where there’s always someone at the post (usually two guards at night in that room) when the floors are asleep.

Anyway, the first time is told usually by the guys that have been there the longest. I only heard it once from one of the guys that was working that night…. and the other nights it happened. he didn’t give much detail but it more or less goes like this.

The intercom suddenly went into the active state indicating there was someone making communication from the top level. The thing about the top level is that it’s only solitary confinement, and for whatever reason only one cell was being used. No guard is up there at night so they pass it off as a random electrical problem, whatever.

So in the minute it takes them to get ready, they start hearing something loud, so they turn up the volume on the speaker. Boom the camera goes out, then some horrifying “HEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPP MMMMMEEEEEE. HHHHHHEEEEEELLLLLLLPPPPPPPP” Fucking screaming and shit.

The guards then dart up to the last level, the elevator doors open. Silence. [I need to add that there’s a room separating the elevator and hallways where the holding cells are, so it serves as space for doing reports or whatever and adds a second locked door ]

They see that the secondary door is open. Fucking open, no one can open these things from the inside. the damn intercom is made for asking the main guy at the bottom to open the secondary door from inside the tank’s hallway.

They quickly go to check the one occupied cell, they ask if the person inside is okay. Nothing, no one is there. They try to open it. Nothing, they can’t open the door. They try and try and try basically all night until the morning comes. They open the door and dangling, 6 feet in the air, is the body of the inmate.

3 times it happened in the course of a month in different holding cells.

The weird thing is that those found dead were all in noose that were hanging from the very top center of the cell where pipe runs thru. How they managed to get the blanket for their noose over and around their necks is kind of hard to wrap your head around.

They soon designated the floor as the clinic and the cells for storage of medicine and supplies.

From what my brother experienced working as a nurse. He said mentioned times when inside the storage for supplies/medicine, there was always a weird vibe to it. They had to go in every shift for preparation of medications and that’s it. Bottles of stuff would randomly fall previously untouched with the caps unscrewd. Wheely carts for stuff would shift positions. Random crap like that.

My brother did hear the screaming comming from the intercom.

There are other stories about the jail. Supposedly a lot of jails have creepy shit that happens.

One did mention about something that pops up every now and then on one of the floors where some dude got killed. Basically they would turn the corner and they would see someone just take a step into the dark underneath the light source. They’d check with their maglights and nothing.

There was also some dude in there that was the leader for the east coast satanist church. The guy had some crazy tats and had surgically implanted horns. It was kind of fucked up because he scarred the shit out of some of the hardened guys that had been there for a while. He would start doing his thing at night time. Supposedly during his worshiping it seemed like something else would respond to them. He was never any trouble, so they let him be.

But then there’s always those stories of old people in retirement homes. Usually brushed off as psychotic episodes, but hey, you never know.

– Posted by kumaku ; Nosleep


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