Plant Man

July 5, 2011

When I was about 10, my family lived on an old farm. The farm was out in the middle of no where… On an Indian reservation (haha…..). We weren’t country people or anything, my parents just decided they wanted to live on a farm for a few years. Anyways, the previous owners left a lot of stuff behind. The barn was filled with old tools, the drawers were filled with old papers, and every once in a while I’d find an old toy out in the fields.

My parents worked a lot, so they hired a nanny to watch me, my two younger brothers, and my cousin who was staying with us while his dad found work. She was from Hawaii, as were we. She was also very superstitious and claimed she had encounters with the supernatural all the time. She wasn’t really phased by it and kind of accepted it as a part of life.

Another point to make, is that despite having a nanny, I was left home alone frequently. I was so afraid of this house, that I’d sit in the van and listen to music until someone came home, just so I wouldn’t have to sit inside.

A lot of strange things happened at that house, but I’ll share a few things. I remember everything pretty vividly.

-When we first moved in, I was getting ready for school early in the morning, while it was still dark. I looked out my foggy window and saw a face. It was a man, and he was starring at me. His face looked as if it were made out of a bush… I’m not sure how to describe it, but to me he just looked like a plant. I ran out of the room and didn’t return for the rest of the day.

I was a pretty logical kid, so later that day I went outside to see if there were any bushes or trees I could have mistaken the man for. Obviously, there were none…

After seeing plant man, I almost never slept in my room again. Instead, I’d sleep on the floor of my Nanny’s or brothers’ rooms >.<.

-There was a light under the house that would randomly turn on for hours at a time. There was no consistency to the timing of this light being on, but it seemed that it would always go on as soon as someone brought it up.

-The barn was just creepy as fuck. My parents would send me out the barn which was like 300 ft. away to get stuff from our extra freezers all the time. They were just cruel and I’d always walk as slow as possible to the barn, then run full sprint all the way back.

-We had two dogs. One day one of the dogs went rogue and attacked one of my little brothers (he was maybe three? four?). My dad shot the dogs four times in the head and it would not die and would not let my brother go. My uncle ended up knocking the dog down with a 2×4, and was advised to chop its head off. For whatever reason, they decided to have our other dog put down.

Everyone ended up going to the ER, except for me and my cousin. We stayed home, and watched TV. I was really scared for my brother and did not really know what to do. When everyone got home, things were really somber and everyone went straight to bed. My cousin and I decided to fall asleep watching TV in the living room.

At some point in the night, someone turned off the TV for us, so when I woke up at 3 or 4 the house was totally quiet, and quite dark – besides the light of the fireplace. I wiggled around, trying to get back to sleep, but wasn’t really tired. I guess I decided to sit up, and when I did, the piano in the adjacent room was in full view.

On the bench of the piano, was a boy. He was wearing all blue, and was very… Grey looking. Freaked out, and almost paralyzed I started shaking my cousin. He woke up and saw the boy too. He’s a little older than me, so he wasn’t nearly as freaked out. We both starred at the boy, for what seemed like hours. Eventually, my cousin told me to just go back to sleep. I have no idea how, but I did.

To this day, my cousin confirms what I saw. Whenever I talk about it, I get extremely teary eyed. I’ve had him describe what he saw to me, and our descriptions are consistent. My cousin and I are polar oppisites, and haven’t been close for a long time. I’m a nerdy, do well in school, etc.. He’s ‘gangster,’ and makes a living off ‘hustlin.’ The guy has no reason to lie about this shit.

I saw the boy several more times as did other members of the household, but those memories aren’t as clear as my first sighting. I have no idea if my parents were bullshitting me or not, but they said the previous owners had a son who died while playing with explosives or something.

The day after the incident and my brother’s attack, they bagged up the dog’s corpse and left it at the end of our 500 ft. driveway to be picked up by animal control or something. This was also where I got picked up by my school bus. Standing at the end of the street, next to the corpse of my dog for about a week sucked. I was so scared, I was afraid to even look at the bag – for fear it’d move.

Anyways, a bunch of paranormal stuff happened to me, right up until I was about 16. I decided that I didn’t want any of it in my life. I forced myself to not believe, or be scared. In a short period of time, things stopped happening. I will probably share my other experiences in the comments. I love reading the stories on here, and felt it was my time to share. I apologize for errors and what not, but I’m a pharmacy student – not a writer πŸ™‚ !

I am now a full blown athiest, and question what happened. As far as I can tell, my memories of the paranormal are just as real as my memories of the mundane.

Another experience I had, was actually pretty recent.

Over the summer, I stayed at my grandma’s house. Her house is pretty old, and creepy. My cousins and siblings literally NEVER stay there, but I love my grandma and enjoy being around her. The house creeps me out, so I sleep in her room… With her πŸ˜€

Anyways, me and my aunts and uncles always joke about the creepiness of the house. One of these talks ended up prompting my grandpa to tell us a story about something that happened to him while he and my grandma were still together. He’s a pretty serious guy and whenever he speaks he expects us to take him seriously. This was his story:

My grandma lives in Hawaii, in a city called Wahiawa, and supposedly the area her house was built on was an old Hawaiian cemetary.

My grandma loves renovating her house and changing things up both outside and inside. My grandma decided she wanted a deck, so my grandpa ended up having to dig some things up in the back yard. As he was working, he found a jaw bone. My grandpa, being the dude that he is, decided to keep the jaw bone.

A few weeks later, things began to happen to him while he slept. He started experiencing sleep paralysis, and every time he’ wake up he said this Hawaiian woman was sitting on him, angry. It’s a pretty generic sleep paralysis situation, but he began to see this woman more frequently. Standing over his side of the bed. Looking at him in the hall. He was just scared.

No one else ever saw this woman. Apparently he had been telling his coworkers what was happening, and they advised him to re-bury the jaw bone. After its burial, things were back to normal. After that point, my grandpa decided that he didn’t like that house, and a few years later he and my grandma divorced.

My grandma loves that house and swears that it isn’t haunted. She gets mad when we talk about it πŸ™‚

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