Children Playing Outside

July 5, 2011

My mother-in-law has been a CNA for 15ish years, and like many new CNAs, one of her first jobs was at a nursing home for the elderly. Soon before patients at that nursing home passed, they would complain about “the children outside being noisy”…in the dead of night. There were also patients that would comment on the children playing outside their window in the daytime (when clearly there were no children to be seen).

She has plenty of other weird stories, but that one is my favorite.

– Posted by iamsookiestackhouse ; Nosleep

One comment

  1. Dear Iamsookie,
    I am a story producer on the SyFy show Paranormal Witness. We are looking for stories for Season Two and your posting caught my attention. We are looking for stories from nursing homes and hospitals as these are places where life and death are part of the normal order of things.
    If you were happy for me to contact you – please email me on my address below.
    With thanks,
    Helen Lambourne

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