Rose Bush

July 4, 2011

Ok, I have one kind of Ghost story to add, but it didn’t take place in a hospital setting so I hope it’s okay to add it here. In my house, we hear someone come in the front door all the time and walk around upstairs. We think it’s one of the kids coming home sometimes, but when the doors are all locked we know it can’t be, so one of us will go up and look around. No one is there. It freaks us out. My teenagers have seen shadows of people walking down our hallway upstairs, her friends have seen it too. My husband and I have seen it downstairs. One night I was watching TV and saw what I thought was my daughter walk through the hallway as I was sitting on the couch. I thought “What is she doing up so late on a school night” and I waited for her to come out of the laundry room to give her a good talking to. Well, I waited and waited and she never came out so I went to see what she was doing… and NO ONE WAS IN THERE. I about pee’d myself. Because I KNOW i saw someone go in there. That freaked me out and I couldn’t go to sleep that night.

My husband’s son died March 2004 and this was extremely traumatic for our family to say the least. My husband has grieved so horribly since that day. I talk to our son and I asked him to give us a sign that he was okay, so I asked him something very specific, I had a rose bush that was completely dead, you could snap a branch off and it was dry as a bone. I asked him bring roses all over that dead rose bush as a sign he was happy and okay. I told my husband of what I asked of our son and let me tell you one month later that rose bush was over flowing with roses!! I cried and cried, but I got my answer! Another thing he did was one morning I was getting his little brothers ready in the morning and the way our downstairs is set up you can see the reflection of the living room from the hallway pictures glass. As I was walking from the badroom into the hallway I saw a reflection of a man in the picture glass and it startled me and I got scared thinking there was a man in my living room. When I looked closer I saw it was my husband’s son. I ran into the living room and there was nothing there. I called my husband at work and told him what I saw. He’s a big skeptic about such things and just brushed it aside. Hours later we were notified that his son’s mother had committed suicide. I think he was there to warn us or something. I don’t know. But I know what I saw, and my husband knows that I called him that morning that I saw his son in our living room and we were notified that afternoon that his ex-wife had killed herself. ***shudder***

– Posted by NurseyTee; Allnurses

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  1. What a amazing story! Thank you for sharing!!

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