Red Shoes

July 4, 2011

My story is from when I was working on my current floor, but I was a nursing student working an evening shift.

Our actual floor was having a new call bell system installed, so they moved us to another floor in another wing of the hospital while the work was being done. Our temporary home used to be a pediatric floor, and we knew before we even went there that it was supposedly haunted. Something about a pair of red shoes that people always saw under beds…supposedly some of our nurses saw them while we were up there but I never did, so I can’t attest to that.

What I CAN attest to was the other rumor, in which one particular room at the end of the hall was supposed to be especially haunted. Nurses said the water in the sink in the room would always turn on by itself (I also never saw that happen) and the call bell would always go off. This one evening I was working, lo and behold, that call bell kept going off like nobody’s business. There were no patients in that room and I walked back there each and every time to manually cancel it, only to find the call bell lit, tv on, and an empty room. They say it was a bored child, maybe the one with the red shoes…?

That was a few years ago; we are obviously back on our normal floor now, which is in the newest wing of the hospital. I keep looking for signs, anything, but I work busy day shifts so the only thing I can add is one long-term patient who was made DNR. She told us that she saw her sister and her husband standing “there” (end of bed?) waiting for her, and she died within 24 hours.

– Posted by NurseeTee; Allnurses

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