But always a death would follow

July 4, 2011

I worked for a while in a residential hospice facility…often, before one of our residents would die, many of the staff nurses would see a little child (sometimes boy, sometimes girl) playing in the hallway. The timing was never consistent…sometimes it would be minutes before a death, sometimes it would be hours or days, but always a death would follow. Seeing the child never was really scary..except that you knew it was something freaky. The whole place has a peaceful feel..not scary usually. Often, patients would speak about angels at their side. Once we had a nun as a patient and when she died we heard singing…checked all the rooms for a choir on tv and found nothing to explain the singing.

– Posted by jhenry; Allnurses

One comment

  1. Isn’t it a beautiful thought, that it wasn’t the ghost of another child in the halls, but the spirit of the elderly person being freed at last from the pain and bonds of this life? There is just something beautiful in that idea.

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