July 3, 2011

During one night shift an elderly man died on our unit. He was in a four-bed ward so we transfered him to a private room so that his family could come in to see him. While we were transferring him, another nurse answered one of her call bells. There was a young female pt, extremely upset, who said that a man had just awakened her and asked her to go with him. The nurse assured her that there were no “wanderers” on the unit but that she’d go for a walk to be sure. Before this nurse could finish her “search”, the same young women rang again. She said, “He was just here again!!” There was no-one.
Anyway, this patient was so upset, we had to set her up in a recliner in the nurse’s station for the rest of the night. We never found this “man”. Weird.
PS: There was no way that this women could have known that someone just passed away because we didn’t call a code. (DNR order)

– Posted by nbnurse95; Allnurses


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