What Are You Doing, Grampa?

July 2, 2011

I work for a pediatric home health agency and unfortunately have known many children who have died. One boy stands out in particular. He was 6 years old and had severe CP, with daily seizures. He also had an ASD, and some respiratory issues, so that whenever he got a cold, he got really sick and needed lots of suctioning and oxygen. Last winter, he had an awful cold, and was sicker than usual, wanting to sleep all the time for two days, so we took him to the pediatician. After consulting with a neurologist, the pediatrician said that the little boys “respiratory center” in his brain was shutting down, and we should call hospice.
Hospice came the same afternoon and agreed that he was dying, and proabably only had a few days to live. He only lived about 3 more days, and became less and less concious over those 3 days. He would no longer make eye contact with his mom or me, but would look just above our heads and smile this beautiful joyful smile. He died peacefully in his moms arms.
Antother interesting thing with him is the dream that his grandfather had, the day BEFORE the pediatrician told us to call hospice. At that time, we knew that this child was sick, but he had been very sick many times before, so we certainly weren’t expecting him to die. The night before we saw the pediatrician, the grandfather (who was VERY close to the little boy) had a dream that was unlike any he had ever had. In reality, this little boy had never walked, talked, or eaten by mouth, but he was a loving little boy who smiled, laughed, and loved his Mom and Grandfather more than anyone. In the dream, the grandfather was putting his grandson in his wheelchair, and the little boy said ” What are you doing grandpa? I don’t need this anymore!” , and he went running off to play with some other children.

– Posted by nursemelani; Allnurses

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