There have also been times when a resident will refer to “the girl behind you”

July 2, 2011

I’ve worked in LTC for a long time, most of those years on 11-7 shift. I don’t have any good, scary ghost stories, just some creepy experiences. There is one unit in our facility that is notorious for “shadow” sightings. Many people, including myself, have seen figures in our peripheral vision. It’s usually when we are in the nurse’s station charting. You see someone walk by, but when you look up, no one is there. This has happened to many different people on numerous occasions. We joke about it, and often ask new people if they have met the “ghost” on that unit. We also have residents who complain from time to time about children coming into their rooms and making noise in the halls in the middle of the night. One morning, we had 5 or 6 different residents in different rooms ask if “that little boy” was still there. There have also been times when a resident will refer to “the girl behind you”, but when you turn to look, there is no one there. We also have had episodes of call lights in empty rooms coming on, doors slamming shut, and just a general uneasy feeling in certain rooms. It probably doesn’t help that many of us have learned to do many tasks without turning on the bright lights (as to not disturb sleeping residents) and things are always scarier by the light of night lights.
I also have a couple of stories that have a definite creep factor, but are also comforting in a way. The first one involves my mother-in-law, who was in ICU and dying. She had been unresponsive for some time. Shortly before her hospitalization, she had been talking a lot about her childhood, which had been very hard. When she about 6 or 7 years old, she was walking with her mother when her mother got hit by a bus and died in front of her. After that, her father became abusive to her and her sisters in the worst way. Anyway, here she was, lying in a hospital bed, at death’s door. All of a sudden, she opened her eyes and was fixated on the ceiling. She smiled, held up her arms (like a child does when they want to be picked up), closed her eyes again, and died. We like to think that it was her mother, coming to get her.
Another time was on my wedding day. My brother had been killed just seven months before in a car accident (he was 19). Anyway, my mother said as she was driving to the church, she was thinking about how she wished that my brother could be there. All of a sudden, the smell of roses filled the car. She said it was so strong, that it was almost overpowering. Then as quickly as it had come, the smell was gone. Maybe he was there, after all.
I know this thread has been going on for a long time, but please keep them coming. I love this kind of thing.

– Posted by jonamb; Allnurses

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