July 2, 2011

I am a Clinical Instructor and was on the night shift together with my students in LR/DR. The LR/DR is connected to the OR of the hospital. That time we don’t have any patient and some of my students are staying in the labor room, while the others are with me in the delivery room together with 2 OB Resident physicians. The other staffs are in the operating room complex. When all of a sudden we heard somebody shout as if she is about to deliver a baby. The sound came from the area where the door is. Hearing it, all of us, including my students who were at the labor room, the staffs who were in the OR ran to the door. Thus, all of us from the three different areas of the OR-LR-DR complex ran to the door expecting to find a patient in a stretcher ready to deliver, but instead we found nothing. The door is tightly closed, not a single soul is present. Even those who are sleeping in the nurses’ quarter woke up and also heard the shout

– Posted by Catzy; Allnurses

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