She’s Already Dead

July 2, 2011

A friend of mine has a three year old son. A neighbor of theirs was dying of cancer, and my friend was going in to the home daily to help out as a neighbor, not as a nurse. Anyway, one morning at 9:00 she called the neighbor’s husband to ask if he needed anything from the store as she and her son were on their way. He named a couple of things, and she and her son went to the store. It took about an hour, and at 10:00 she and her son drove up to the neighbor’s house. The woman was in a coma and was expected to die at any time. My friend was kind of leery of taking her son in to the home because of the woman being in a coma, but she decided to anyway. She explained to him that the woman was not sleeping, she was in a coma and she wouldn’t wake up and was very likely to die soon. He cut her off and said “Mama, she’s already dead.” She said, not yet, honey but soon. He said again very emphatically “Mama, she is dead.” He was not upset about it, he was just stating a fact. She and her son walked up to the door and rang the bell. The hospice nurse answered the door and told them that the woman had passed away at 9:30 that morning. My friend and her son returned to the car, and she asked him “How did you know she was dead?” He said simply “Tony told me.” My friend did not know anyone named Tony, either in the family or as a friend. She asked him to describe Tony. Her son said that Tony was a child who was about one year old and he was in the same house as the woman who died. The problem with that is that there had been no children in the house at all besides my friend’s son, at least no LIVE children……

– Posted by tencat; Allnurses

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