Second Floor

July 2, 2011

During clinicals at Nursing school over the last summer, we went to a older hospital that had been converted to a Rehab unit after a hurricane…It is a 3 story facility, but only the top floor is used.

The elevator would stop on the 2nd floor everytime, which was being used only for storage, and being inquisitive I asked the staff and found out that supposedly the 2nd floor is haunted by an old ghost doctor who worked and died on the unit…
I just HAD to investigate! I grabbed a classmate and upon stepping onto the vacant, darkened unit, a callbell was on…..we walked in and turned it off.
What we weren’t told is that 2nd floor was the old OR floor. It was pretty creepy walking through the old surgical suites.
Well, once we had made an entire trip around the unit we came back to the nurses’ station, which was adjacent to the elevator….as we rounded the corner to face the elevators, the doors to the elevator FLEW open and all the call bells went off, as if to say, “Get out!”

Also, at the SNF I work in (11-7)I have seen a dark figure floating across the floor when walking into a room, only to disappear under a door..

– Posted by Sahara311; Allnurses


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