July 2, 2011

I’m with many folks here, I’ve seen too much, I KNOW something exists out there. I don’t claim to know what or how it all works but SOMETHING is coming to help our patients cross. Just because they aren’t wearing long, flowing, white gowns (men, anyone???) doesn’t mean they are all evil.

Let’s let love flourish when and where it can.

How many have sat with someone while they die to witness the following: they are actively dying, OR…. they don’t want to die and nobody is going to make them! They fight death tooth and nail. They refuse to go and nobody can make them leave. They’ll even TELL you that!

Suddenly, they look, take a quick double take, smile, try to say something, and die.

Something or someone is coming to get these folks and it isn’t a bad guy. It’s someone these folks feel comfortable with.

Just because it is something we don’t understand or see for ourselves, that doesn’t mean it is all evil. Some folks just plain don’t wanna go.

My Dad was one of them. He was dying of colon CA. Long story short but he didn’t have enough time to prepare for what would happen to him. He was verrrrry clear that he had an angel and his angel was named Pete. He knew about Pete long before the Duragesic, Oxy’s, or Vicodin 10’s. Pete was there and Pete was real. My Dad didn’t pray to his God, he prayed to Pete and asked Pete to talk to God on his behalf. When Dad did end up on mega narcs he could still carry on very clear and lucid one sided conversations with Pete. These conversations made total sense.

Even with Pete and totally trusting Pete, my Dad was scared to death to die. He was a hard core, long term Catholic and he was afraid he hadn’t been a good enough Catholic. He was afraid of spending eternity in hell.

When he died (he bled out and vomited pure blood, a ton of it) he strained to turn and look at me, had an absolute look of horror on his face, closed his eyes and died. That look has haunted me from that day. I’m not afraid he really is in hell, my heart just goes out to him that he thought it could happen.

He wasn’t afraid of Pete, he was afraid of what his religion taught him. He was verrry afraid, but not of what came to help him cross. He was afraid of his religious teachings.

About 4 hours before my Dad died I saw what looked like a half dozen folks coming to him. They formed a half circle and just stood there watching him. I couldn’t see their faces, just their body outlines. I told my sisters about this and they were sure his time was up, I disagreed. I was in mega denial at the time and dismissed it as nothing. He wasn’t even supposed to die for a few months.

Long after he died I finally came to realize I wasn’t dreaming. There were people, loved ones from previous times coming to get him, help him cross, however you want to say it.

– Posted by Bipley; Allnurses

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