“I want you to meet my doctor.”

July 2, 2011

I have a Few —-I work on an Oncology Floor.

Seems like 653 and 675 get all the attention —

In 653 there have been four deaths in four months. One in which I called the Code – Lady was aspirating. Her family came for a visit previous to this and I proceeded to tell them how “well” she was doing. We talked about her and I asked the family where she might go after she left the hospital. They said they were looking into having her return to the NH. So I am cleaning out her mouth, she has pneumonia, and she takes a big gasp and then starts to choke. I run out looking for assistance and we proceeded to suction her but we couldn’t get the mass out. She looked at me, closed her eyes and then passed out. She was level 2, After we pronounced her, I went out in the hall and found the family and we discussed what happened. I told them I couldn’t believe that I had just told them how well she was doing and then 3 min later she passes!!! I thought back and figured she did not want to go back to NH and this was her way of saying, “NO WAY AM I GOING BACK THERE!!”

This past week, Lady #2 with pneumonia in same 653 starts choking on a pill, heimlich given and pill expelled and patient OK so far. Same Age.

675- Code called – young 70 watched TV every night and liked to fall asleep while it was on. Day he coded at 630am, night before was pleasant to staff(had not been entire time he was there) and asked if we could turn off his TV and shut the door (prev. had door open all the time) Sure enough he passed that am.

675- This patient was in 660 with liver/colon CA for a month and the family had asked for a bigger room because he had so many visitors. Well 675 was the only large room we have and he was transferred. I knew this was not a good idea because 675 had been bad luck. Not many leave 675.
He went there on Monday, I took care of him on Tues and he was in and out of conciousness. I knew I would not be back until Friday but I sensed he would not still be there. I prayed about it and the first thing I did when I got back on Friday was to check the board. I really wanted to take care of him once more. He indeed was still there but coma was apparent with Cheyne-Stokes. He had a high fever and about 10pm he passed right on my shift just like I prayed. I was so grateful I was part of his passing, to be there with his family. Later after the funeral he came to me in a dream and showed me a picture about a puppy and how I should tell his wife. I did have his wife’s email so I forwarded the message on as strange as it sounds. She told me that they had been thinking of getting a pup before he got sick. I told her she really should get one……………
I have to pass the cemetary on my way to work and this patient always seems to thank me for taking care of him…………..

After my best friend shot himself after being very depressed, I was sitting in the second pew in front of his casket and I heard him say to me “I want you to meet my doctor”. Well there were hundreds of people there- How would I possibly know who this guy was? I felt this presence behind me and I turned around and this burly, tall man with a navy blue overcoat was looking to sit behind me. Instinct told me or my friend that this was the doctor. I turned, looked at him and said are you Paul’s doctor? He said “Yes, How did you know?” We had a short conversation about him – he was devasted and then told me a story about the last time he saw him, something about coffee and asking where the sugar was even though he knew where it was for 12 years in the same cabinet. The doctor thought this was odd. I still don’t know what it meant…

After the funeral Paul’s brother took me to the site where he had shot himself, there was still blood in the fresh snow and I tried not to look at it but I felt peace there. A strange peace. His brother and I sat in the car where they found the typed written suicide note and he played the tape that Paul had in the deck and we listened to the last song that was playing….

Later, the next week I went to a retreat with my church in the woods and we were all cramped in this small auditorium and I was sitting in the second row with about a hundred people behind me, we were all squooshed in there on the floor ready to hear worship songs. What song did they play first? The song that was playing on my friend Paul’s tapedeck in the car he drove to the park to shoot himself!! I freaked out and had to get out of there —
I leapfrogged over everyone and went outside in the cold air – As I was standing there- (I could still hear the song) A falling star gleamed across the sky……………………..WoW! Put my heart back in my chest.

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