Human Head Chasing Him

July 2, 2011

I have to share one. I heard this firsthand, from nurses and residents who were there the night it happened. I was working in a SICU. Several years prior in that SICU, there was a patient admitted who had been stabbed and was extremely critical. A resident who was at the hospital that night must have heard about it and came up to check it out or help out, whatever. The room where the patient was located was right next to a stairwell. The resident was making his way up the stairwell when he saw a very evil, menacing apparition of a human head chasing his way up the stairs. He made it into the SICU, but was pale as a ghost himself! The nurses who saw him passed it off as one resident who worked too, too many hours! In fact, as the resident was getting up those stairs to go to the SICU, the stab victim died.

Turns out the stabbing victim was a gangleader, a big time criminal. Therefore, his murder made the news. The next morning, the resident was looking at the Boston Herald and lo and behold, a picture of the stab victim was there – it was the SAME face that had menacingly chased him up the stairs. He was totally, totally freaked out and when we asked him about the story years later, you could tell it still spooked him!

the room in which the stab victim died was haunted. I don’t know if that is because of that event or another, but people reported feeling someone breathing closely behind their neck, but no one would be there. Stuff like that.

I, personally, was hardly surprised to find out that the stairwell had been haunted at one point, because I always had the most foreboding, eerie feeling going up that stairwell…like evil. Well after hearing that story, it is safe to say I took the other stairs after that!

Having worked in critical care for a while, I can’t say I have definitely had any haunted experiences myself. But I do find it amazing that there are certain rooms, for whatever reason, that seem to have bad luck – one admission after another dying, many unexpected or at least earlier than expected. There is definitely a strong psychic energy in ICUs, hospices, NHs, anywhere people die frequently. I think even more so in places where people die of traumas/accidents. Freaky stuff.

– Posted by marissa81579; Allnurses

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