“Do I have to go with that mean man?”

July 2, 2011

I have many–after working LTC many years. One that comes to mind is: one morning after report and hearing of this dying resident, who rested quitely “except when the monster was chasing her.” and need a personal alarm, as tried to climb out of bed then.– I checked her first and took in her am meds. She ask: “Do I have to go with that mean man?” I told her No, that she could go with someone nice. Went on to visit about her serious illness and I ask if there was anyone she wanted to come sit with her or a minister called. She replied in the negative. No family and not religious. I ask if she wanted me to say a prayer with her. That was affirmative and we said the Lord’s Prayer together. On finishing she stated, “He’s gone!” She died the next day and never from the time of the prayer, was she trying to escape the bad man or monster. (She could definitely see him. I couldn’t)

– Posted by Retired Nurse; Allnurses


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