Clock Hands Running Backwards

July 2, 2011

Okay I have a few stories and events that I myself witnessed:
My first job out of nursing school, working 8 hour nights. One night I get a call from a nurse who asked me, if I wasn’t too busy, to come right up to 3C (a men’s ward – this is way back in the day, smile). I saw the unit clock and the hands of the clock were running counterclockwise, i.e., backward, and at a rapid rate. The hospital had the main clock somewhere in the basement, and the other clocks in the house were running correctly, clockwise, so this was the only clock that was running so oddly. Well, the older RN tells me “…to wait and see what happens”. Sure enough, within about 15 minutes there is a code 99 called on another floor. It seemed that, only during the night shift, if and when that particular clock ran backwards, someone would arrest and die! Gulp!
Fast forward 10 years later. I am working at a large Cancer hospital in NYC. Every so often one of us regular 12 hour night shift nurses would see a figure come toward us out of the corner of our eyes, only to have it “disappear” when we looked up; or maybe I would be writing my nursing progress notes and felt someone tap me on the shoulder only to turn around and find no one there; or how bed or room # 12 was always cold, winter, spring, summer no matter what the temp was like in side or out, that room would be 5-10 C colder than the rest of the unit.
Because of situations and strange happenings mentioned above, twice a year we would request that the hospital have different members of organized and/or recognized religious leaders come to pray in and around the unit. We have had Shaman, Rabbis, Priests (Hindu, Catholic) Ministers and Reverends come in to pray for those who have died and those who will. I am not sure if it helped anyone who had previously expired or died, but it did help us. So many of our patients died such horrible, tragic deaths I guess it was to help us feel better….?

– Posted by athena55; Allnurses


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