Ask Me More Questions.

July 2, 2011
Well this didn’t happen in any facility or place I have worked for, but I LIVED with one of these types of spirits for six years. I started doing recordings of my downstairs because things would happen down there, like stuff turning on/off by itself, whispering, stuff moving. Well during the times when I ran out of tape to record and “talk” to whom ever was there, they would get really active. Once I was on the couch laying down with a sheet over me and I got the sheet ripped off of me, I had my shirt pulled up a few times, and have had this something follow me up the stairs and sit on my bed. I left the recording on one night after asking only about three questions and when I went to play it back, a little after I annouced that i was tired and going to bed, I can hear this man’s voice saying ask me more questions please, please ask me more questions. Also had my son screaming for me like someone was trying to kill him, because my lights would flicked on and off as if someone was messing with the switch. We learned to live with them, yes I said them, there were three, but I am kinda glad that we moved because I can sleep without being pushed, pulled, or have things moved when I didn’t pay attention to them.
– Posted by DarciaMoonz; Allnurses

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