There Is No Ghost In This Story

July 1, 2011

A few years ago I worked part-time at a large hotel. I mostly worked front desk but at times was asked to be the “runner”. If I was scheduled for morning shift runner then I had to bring things up like towels to guests’ room, if there weren’t enough housekeepers, or shuttling guests around in the van.

One night, I happened to be assigned the p.m. runner shift, and one of the duties was to slip envelopes under the door of the people who opted for express check-out in the morning. For some reason they didn’t want you to do it while the guests were awake, so I had to go around at 2 o’clock in the morning.

At the time of the incident the hotel was not busy, but there were a number of envelopes to be delivered. In the middle of delivering the check-out slips, through silent, endless hallways, I heard footsteps running ahead of me, just around a corner. “Great, there’s going to be some dumb twin girls, in dresses, and evil smiles, staring at me when I go around the bend” was my not-so-funny joke to myself.

No, not little girls. It was a little boy. He was running down the hallway, but there was something a little odd about him. Even in the well-lit hallway, I couldn’t make him out too well, he seemed blurry, and he was only about 20 feet from me. He was wearing a red shirt and a diaper, his chubby little legs pumping on the floor, the diaper sagging a little. Then he stopped at a door and turned, waved at me, then went through it. I stood there, wondering if I just saw someone go through a solid door, or if there was a little gap and he sneaked through. I didn’t hear the door lock catch, and I would have seen the handle move but I didn’t. I passed the door cautiously but it looked closed and there was no noise from within.

When I got back to the desk, I looked up the room number, and saw that there was a family in there, with a little boy. “Whew, just a kid running around at two in the morning. Nothing to see here folks.” Then my shift was over and I went home.

The next night, I was working again. When I got to work there was a hubbub. Apparently, some time after breakfast, that little boy had had a seizure and died. What was it I saw? Was it just a coincidence?

– Posted by Reintarnation; Nosleep


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