My aunt told me some interesting stories after my grandmother died.

July 1, 2011

My aunt told me some interesting stories after my grandmother died.

One of my aunts drove to my grandparents house to meet with my grandfather. My grandmother was already dead at the time and was not in the house, my aunt never saw her during her visit. However, she decided to drive back home pretty late and she was very tired at the time. She said that for the entire drive home, my grandmother was sitting in her passenger seat. They talked just for a little while, but for the most part both of them stayed quiet.

My aunt asked my grand mother why did she have to go? My grand mother replied, I wasn’t ready, I didn’t want to die. She said my grand mother told her she wanted to be in the car with her so she did not fall asleep. When my aunt told someone in my family about her ride home, they didn’t believe her. She then described what my grand mother was wearing during the car ride, it was the dress she died in.

My grand father has since sold the house and moved away. My aunt recently visited the house and it’s new owner. The owner told her that she see’s an older women sometimes in the house. Short, a bit overweight, curly hair. She also told my aunt that sometimes my grandmother turns on the kitchen lights. Sometimes when she is trying to sleep, she feels the blankets being pulled over her, like being tucked in. I grew up living with my grandmother as a child, she tucked me in all the time.

I’ve thought about driving to this house myself, but don’t have the time or the money to do so (it would be a drive from Los Angeles to Killeen Texas).

If you knew that a member of your immediate family was.. haunting? a house, would you take the time to go back to that house and attempt to communicate with it? I feel that haunting is a bad term to use, because I don’t see my grand mother as a bad person.

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