Misanderic Ghost

July 1, 2011

Just to clear up to start with, I’m a huge skeptic and I still don’t believe any of this is real, but it’s very coincidental and some of you might enjoy the story that the rest of my family pretty much takes for granted as true.

My grandmother moved into a house in a town south of Perth in Australia called Mandurah. It’s a medium sized town now. The house was on the outskirts and backed onto farmland. So it was pretty quiet out there.

She lived there with another guy who was in his 60s who had been living there for a few years before she moved in. I used to visit the house a couple of times a year as a kid, as did my sister, mother and father. Every time we visited however, both my dad and I would get violently ill. I recall being delirious, feverish and feeling an overall sense of dread whenever I stayed there.

Sometimes we could stay a week without getting sick, but eventually we’d come down with something. The odd part about the sickness was that my mother, sister and grandmother NEVER got sick. The guy who lived there was pretty much dosed up on medication all the time so I don’t know if he ever felt as awful as we did.

I stopped visiting the house from about the point I turned 13, as did the rest of my family. The guy who lived there eventually died from a stroke, and my grandmother moved out of the house and in with another friend so she wouldn’t be alone.

Now, this is the part that sort of freaks me out, even as a skeptic. A few years ago, I talked to my sister about how dad and I always used to get sick there, she told me something my grandmother had told her.

Before my grandmother or the other guy had moved into the house, a woman had died there from old age. She apparently just fell down in the kitchen and wasn’t found for a while. From what my sister was told, this lady hated men. Something must’ve happened in her life that just made her despise the male gender, but while she was there, male neighbours were screamed at to get away if they tried to talk to her, so eventually everyone just gave up trying at all.

I have no proof, of course. But I find it spooky that only my dad and I would ever get sick at that house, and none of the women ever did. The symptoms were always the same. Hot and cold flushes, a feeling like one second my body was 1 inch tall and weighed 1000 tonnes, followed by the feeling that I was a giant who could float away. It was very disorienting and I always felt dread. My dad felt the same way.

Now here’s the kicker. My sister recalls waking up in the middle of the night sometimes while staying there and seeing the silhouette of a woman standing in the doorway to her room. She said she never felt afraid, but felt peaceful and always immediately went back to sleep. Talking to my mum and grandmother after confirmed that they both had also had visits from the woman silhouetted in the doorway, and similar feelings of peace and comfort.

Even right now, I can’t completely push this out of my mind as coincidence. Is it possible that the lady who died in the house was haunting the men who stayed there, making them feel sick and full of dread? Could she have been protecting the women who stayed there, making them feel comfortable and at peace?

I’ll never know the answer, but it’s a part of my life that always makes me stop and think whenever I hear a similar story of the supernatural.

– Posted by Orichalcon; Nosleep

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