The Man In The Long Black Robe

June 29, 2011

I too worked in a CCU in the midwest. The first time I met our ghost was actually when I had just started on the IMCU when one night the ICCU transfered a patient to me. Shortly after his arrival he beagn talking about “the man” the”man in the long black robe” who had followed him from ICCU and that he “wasn’t going to get me” So, I decided to find out on just why they had moved him so rapidly to the floor….Well the story goes whoever sees the man in the “Long Black Robe” dies. Apparently he decided to follow my patient to IMCU and the patinet was not going to let him get him! He refused to stay in his room so I finally gave up….2 doors down we had an unexpected Cardiac Arrest on a young patient who died….We came out out from the Code and low and behold My patient had gone to bed. I was shocked so I actually woke him up and I asked why he had finally gone to bed and he said……”It’s Okay now. He’s gone” Well, Many years later and many “sightings” I was caring for an elderly lady when she suddenly said “that patient over there must be very ill I will pray for them.” I was suprised as the patient was a 52yo “stable plasty” so I asked her what made her say that. She replied that “that priest in the long black robe has been ther all day so I thought they were dying so I’ll pray for them too.” The patient coded and died by the end of that shift!

– Posted by Esme12; Allnurses

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