the young man told me that I should warn my friends so they could say their good-byes.

June 26, 2011

I know I’ve already made a post on this topic, but have had a strange experience since that I feel like sharing.
I currently work in a private rest home for the elderly while I am training to be an RN.
For the last 7 months I have been the HCA for my best friends grandmother (Friends is a plural as they are identical twins… the three of us have been very good friends for over 10 years).
I had not met my friends grandmother before she became a patient, but we spent alot of time talking about her grand children.. my friends.
I formed quite a close relationship with this lady, and she was a wonderful woman.
Last Friday night I dreamt in which a young man came to me and said that my friends grandmother would be joining him soon, and thanked me for looking after her. The dream was an incredibly realistic and vivid dream, and I was actually unable to sleep for the rest of the night, thinking about it.
I rang work first thing in the morning, and checked to see that this lady was okay. She was apparently fine, and I dismissed my dream as a just that, a dream.
I had a second dream on Saturday night, in which the young man told me that I should warn my friends so they could say their good-byes.
Again I rang first thing in the morning, and she was fine.
At work on Sunday night, I noticed that this lady was not in a good way. She was not active at all ( and had previously required minimal help with her cares) and was lying in bed, breathing in short shallow, very wet breaths.
I took her hand and looked into her face. At that moment, I knew that the dreams should not have been dismissed. Before I finished my shift at 9pm, I made a last trip into her room. I felt very strongly that this would be the last time that I saw her, even though I have seen many patients bounce back from being unwell. I again took her hand, and told said my goodbyes. I told her that I was very grateful that she was a part of giving me two of the best friends I am ever likely to have, and that she had made a special impact on me.
My friends grandmother passed away at 9.30 that night.
I had another dream that night in which the young man and a young woman approached me holding hands. The young man laughed at me and told me I should have listened when he warned me about the ladies passing.
The young woman told me that I shouldnt listen to him, and that she was grateful for the company that I gave her in the time in the home, and that she was also grateful that I had helped her grandchildren through difficult periods.
She then winked, and said ‘ you’re welcome’.

I received the phone call to say that she had died the next day, and while going through some old photos with my friends, I discovered a photo of the young couple in my dream… happy and holding hands.

– Posted by goober; Allnurses


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