My Name Is Amelie

June 26, 2011

I am currently a nurse at an independent birth center. At the time of this story, there were three nurses that took turns taking call, and three docs/mws who took turns with call. Meaning that a patient could end up with any combination of nurse and doc/mw at their birth.

I got called in one night to the labor of a woman who had five children, all boys, and the last pregnancy an “ooops.” She wanted a girl (even though we all figured she was having a boy, since her previous 5 had been), so as a joke, we put pink sheets on the bed. When she and her husband arrived at the birth center, we said, “Look, D., pink sheets for your little girl!” and her dh looked at us very strangely and said, “Did she tell you about her dream?” And then she got upset with him and said “No, no, don’t say anything, I haven’t told anyone but you, if I tell, it will spoil it; it won’t come true!”

So fast forward three hours, when her baby makes an entrance. It’s a girl! We hand her up to mama and are drying her off, and I say, “Wow, I think that’s your smallest baby yet! She can’t be over 6 pounds!”

And she says, “She is, too, she is 6# 4oz and her name is Amelie. Last night I dreamed all about this, that I would have the baby tonight, that you and N (the mw) would be on call, that you would put pink sheets on the bed for my baby, and that it would be a girl. When she came out, in my dream, she looked up at me and said, my name is Amelie. And I said, no it isn’t, I don’t like that name. And then she said to me, I don’t care, that is my name, you have to name me that!”

The mw and I just looked at each other and had goosebumps. Later I weighed her; she was 6# 2oz. I said something to the mw that “Well, she was two ounces off!” and the mw said, “No she wasn’t, the baby peed right before you weighed her!”

Okay, it gets even better. One and a half years later D walks into the clinic, unannounced, no appointment, and asks me if I have time to listen to see if I can hear heart tones. I said, “I didn’t even know you were pregnant!” She says, “I’m still nursing, but Amelie keeps coming up to me and pointing to my tummy and saying baby. You probably think I’m crazy!” I said, “D, I was at Amelie’s birth, I have never seen anything like that. If I hear heart tones, I wouldn’t be surprised.” Sure enough, I could get heart tones. I looked over at Amelie and said, “Are you going to have a little sister or brother?” And that kid, all 1 1/2 years of age, said, “Baby – Me!” I looked at D and she said, “She’s saying, the baby is a girl like her.”

We did an US this time for unsure dates; sure enough, that baby is a girl.

I have never experienced anything like that. It wasn’t scary or creepy, and I don’t get an odd feel from Amelie; but there is no doubt something special about that little girl.

– Posted by ljds; Allnurses


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