Lilac Lady

June 26, 2011

my husband came home after an evening shift as security at the copper mine. I said “you smell like lilacs, and you are as cold as an ice cube.” to which he responded: “I do? I am?”. Then he told me the story. One building that had been a school in the 1800’s was on his rounds. After he got through with hes rounds his buddy asked him if he had met the lilac lady. They asked if he had smelled lilacs when he was in the old school building. Yes he had smelled lilacs when he was in there. That is when they told him about the school teacher ghost who is still there and you can tell when she is around by the smell of lilacs. He tried to tell her that her students were now all gone and that she should go also, but it didn’t help. So when he could feel her and smell lilacs he started singing “Hello Dolly” She would go away immediately! Guess she didn’t like his singing. Some nights he would come home and I would say “you met the lilac lady tonight didn’t you?” He would say “Yes how can you tell?” He smelled of lilacs each time.

There was another building that had once been an iron works building. He was warned if you hear noise just pass that one by and check latter. Guards that failed to head that warning were thrown across the room by someone the didn’t see and injured. Can you imagine showing up at the hospital saying ” The ghost threw me across the room?”

– Posted by Hollyhock; Allnurses


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