“I think I just saw a ghost!”

June 26, 2011
After a busy evening in the long term care facility where I work, one of the nursing aids and I were doing a last check of all of the resident rooms, making sure all windows were closed, all residents were safely sleeping, etc. As we made our way up the hall, she went in one room, and I went in the next. I left the hallway door open to allow a bit of light into the room so I wouldn’t have to turn on the overhead light, possibly waking someone. There was enough light so I could see all four residents were sleeping, windows were closed, etc. As I turned to leave, my eye caught sight of a glowing ‘orb’, which appeared to move across the room and disappear behind bedside curtains. Still wondering what I had just seen, I went back out in the hallway at the same time as my co-worker came out of the room she had been checking. At the same time, both of us said “I think I just saw a ghost!”. Same words, same time! We had both seen this glowing orb….she saw it cross her room and disappear, as I saw it appear and travel across my room! We figured it had to be one of our deceased residents come back for a visit!
– Posted by barbiedee; Allnurses

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