He’s In My Room Again.

June 26, 2011

Here’s mine:

A few years ago I was employed at this LTC facility as a CNA. I worked nights so it always felt creepy walking down the dark halls alone. Because of that, our charge nurse would advise us to pair up together and do our rounds. Well one night myself and a fellow co-worker/friend were doing our 2a.m rounds together. We finally made it to our last room which was a elderly woman was in a room by herself. It was a 2bed resident room, but no one ever lasted longer than a month for some strange reason when they were in that second bed. The elderly woman in the room would always scream and grab on ya when you were changing her and never once spoke a word. I had been working with her for almost a year and never heard as much as “hello”.

Well on this particular night we finished our last resident and went into her room to clean her up and change her linens. When we went into her room we closed the door, but left it slightly open so we could hear the nurse if she was walking the halls searching for us. Once finished, we both cleaned up the room and proceeded to walk thru the door. I reached the door knob and couldn’t get it to turn. It was if it was locked, but there is no locks on the residents doors. I pulled again and got no luck. So my co-worker tried and had no luck. We both looked at each other and I decided to call the nurses station to tell the nurse to open the door cause it seemed stuck. Just as I touched the button, the temperature changed completely. Mind you it was Summer and this resident didn’t like to run her air in her room so it wasn’t on. It was freezing. My co-worker is standing there looking just as spooked as I was. It was like a scene from the Sixth Sense. While looking at each other stinned, the resident looked straight ahead and said “He’s here, he’s in my room again. Can you feel his presence?” When she said that, myself and my co-worker nearly knocked each other down trying to run into the resident’s bathroom in her room. This lady had never once spoke the entire time I had been employed in this facility until then. About 5 minutes later the nurse steps in looking for us. She finds us in the restroom looking scared to death. We tell her the door was locked and she frowned and showed us it wasn’t because she came right in. We walked out and felt like complete idiots. As we did our final rounds that morning we left the door open completely.

At the end of my shift, the nurse walked with us to our car and told us about what happened in the room. She said a few years ago the resident’s husband had died around 2a.m. She said that right after he died employees spoke of the door mysteriously locking on them and the room becoming cold suddenly. After hearing that, I became frightened completely. I put in my resignation a week later cause I couldn’t get over it. To this day it freaks me out, writing it is freaking me out right now.

– Posted by TrickieTam; Allnurses


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