June 26, 2011

This reminds me of a so-called ‘real life spooky story’ I read in a pre-teen magazine when I was 11ish. The girl said her best mate used to have an imaginary friend when she was little, who’d tell her to jump out of the window or lay down in the road etc, and her mum would just manage to stop her doing these crazy things. She called the friend ‘Bee-Bub’.

Eventually she grew out of it as you do, until one day in R.E. class they were taught about the devil being known as ‘Beezlebub’ and this girl screamed, ran out of the class and was found crying somewhere saying that was what her imaginary friend had been called, she just hadn’t been able to pronounce his name.

Could be a load of rubbish, but the thought of it still sends shivers up my spine.

– Posted by [Since Deleted]; Reddit

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