June 26, 2011

I work in LTC so we see a lot of deaths in our facility. One day we had a CNA on our wing who was walking with a resident from another wing. She hollared for me from down the hall that “Ann” was up in her room walking. (“Ann” had always been very unsteady on her feet and wore a pull alarm) I went down the hall quickly to see what was going on. “Ann” had passed away several days before. But this particular aid was unaware of it. Needless to say there was no one in the room when I got there. but the feeling walking into the room was as if someone was there with you and a very distict odor of her perfume ( could have been left behind yes). We both had goosebumps and and the aid turned white as a ghost (no pun intended). She swears to this day “Ann” was standing by the desk in her old room. hmmmm

– Posted by miller514; Allnurses


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