4 o’clock

June 26, 2011

I have a couple. One night while working in the oncology unit we has a dying patient whose family was all around him comforting and telling him it was all right for him to move on that they would be fine. The daughter at one point asked him “what are you waiting for Dad?” and her father who had been pretty out of it , opened his eyes and said clearly “4 o’clock”. Sure enough at exactly 4 AM he was pronounced dead. It gave me chills.

We had a patient who was a frequent call button pusher who died and while we were doing post mortem care the call light went off. after that happened the light went off frequently in the middle of the night for no reason. We always said is was “Mrs. Jones” wanting the bedpan.

At my current hospital they say there is a Nurse Betty who roams around PCU at night and has put on call lights for patients who are in trouble but can’t get to the call light. One time a patient was found on the floor of the bathroom and the light on the bed was going off. Another time a patient was found in respiratory distress and the call light was out of reach and the patient said she had been trying to reach the light and couldn’t but that she didn’t turn the light on herself.

– Posted by Zoomer; Allnurses


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