June 26, 2011

Although my most significant experiences did not happen as a “nursing ghost story” per se. Although some have.

In 1984, I was preparing to be a bridesmaid in a friends wedding and I was expecting at the time. My friend was having another friend alter our dresses. Well, my dress came back and it was about 3 sizes too big and too long, so my Gram, whom I was very close to, as I was her 1st Grandchild, said, “I’ll do the alterations for you honey”. During my many fittings, we would always talk about my having her 1st Great Grandchild and how she was also making the netting for the bassinet too. She swore it would be a girl, and made a pink one. As we were getting close to my last fitting, she told me to stand up on the chair with my heels on carefully, as she could not bend over and wanted to check the length. She was 74 yrs young at the time. God I loved her.  Well, I put my heel right through the back of the gown, tearing a huge hole in it at the bottom!  She calmly told me, “Get down off the chair now Emilee and please go home, I will fix it”. I couldn’t apologize enough as I walked out the door, she had worked so hard on it for me and I know she was a bit perturbed about it and just didn’t want me to see her frustration.

A few nights later, I was sound asleep in bed, when I felt the hair on my forehead being brushed aside and felt a very distinct kiss on it and a very warm embrace. I sat straight up and looked over at my husband at the time, thinking it was him, and he was over on the other side of the bed snoring away.  I sat there with an odd feeling I couldn’t understand and looked at the clock, it said 10:02pm. I just couldn’t shake what I know I felt and had not dreamt.

I got up to get a water and sat on my couch for about 45 mins trying to rationalize what I felt, when my phone rang. It was my Mom and she said, “Em, can you come to the house, Gram passed away about 45 mins ago. She was sitting in her rocking chair around 10pm, said to my Grampa, “Al, I love you, please hold my hand, I’m leaving now”, he took her hand confused, and she closed her eyes and passed away”.  OMG! She came to me while I slept, her final goodbye and kissed me before she moved on. I told my Dad and my Grampa and they both started to cry, as I was her favorite and it comforted them very much. For me, I’ll be honest, I was afraid to look in the mirror and see her looking back at me for days. Really. I think I would have had a heart attack myself!

Later on, I took the rocking chair she died in, for when I had my baby. Everyone was too freaked out to sit in it or touch it, but I wasn’t. When I had my Son, it was not a girl like she thought, I would rock him in that chair and I felt her there with me. Many times when I was sooo tired doing night feedings, I felt my hair being stroked and such a sense of calm. A few times, I’d see that chair rocking on its own while my son slept. I knew she was there watching over her 1st Great Grandchild and I would see it and say, “Hi Gram, he’s beautiful isn’t he”? I still when in distress or stressed out, talk to her. I feel her there always. I’ll sit in her rocking chair and talk to her. I always feel better afterward and somehow the troubles I had, I found a way to work through them after my “session” with Gram.

Now my Grampa, he didn’t do well after she passed. She was his life, being married well over 50 yrs. He would cry every night for her. He replaced every name in his bible with her name, painstakenly handwritting it in! I don’t know why, but he did. It gave him comfort. He had developed Alzheimer’s and would call only *ME* by my Grams name everytime he saw me, he said, “I see you there”. Later on, he developed pneumonia, and lapsed into a coma, and was not given long to live. We would visit him and I can’t explain how he looked. It was just not him anymore. He was a shell of a person, who did not come out of his coma. My Dad and I were with him one night, I was talking to him, hoping he heard me when I looked upward and saw a flash of light. I asked my Dad if he saw it and he just looked at me stunned. I knew my Gram had come to take him home. We both took his hand and I said, “Grampa, its okay, take Grams hand now, she’s here waiting” and my Dad said, “Its okay Dad, go to Mom now, let go, we love you”. No lie, in a coma, unresponsive, he sat straight up in the bed(scared me, I didn’t expect that, he was in a coma after all), extended his right arm and hand upward towards the ceiling as if reaching for something, lied back down and he was gone.  He took her hand.

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