Your Uncle

June 24, 2011

I had a sort of fixation with ouija boards as a kid. We played with them at my house and my friend’s house, I made them out of paper and we played with them at recess, we swapped stories on the bus about creepy stuff our ghost ‘friends’ had said the night before. I also had some serious bad vibes and trouble sleeping during that time of my life and I’m not sure it was unrelated. I will never have another one in my house.

The most interesting thing I recall is first getting one as a Christmas present from my uncle. He usually got me magic tricks and I guess he figured it fit the theme. The whole extended family was together, staying at my grandparents’ house for a few days.

After the gift opening was done, my brother and I sat on the living room floor trying to chat with ghosts, asking them to do goofy stuff while we had our eyes closed, to prove they were real… leave a handwritten note on a paper for us, move throw pillows around on the furniture, etc. My uncle thought it was a good joke to listen in from the next room and sneak past us while our eyes were closed, doing the things we were asking the ghost to do. I had a feeling he was the one doing it, but I was having fun with my new toy so I suspended my disbelief and kept on conversing with the board.

During our conversation, I asked the ghost what its name was and it replied S-U-T-I-O. Sutio. A weird name, sure, but I guess a more common name would have been disappointing. It wasn’t until a few years later when I was learning Spanish in middle school that the memory of the name came back to me. If you are talking to a stranger or formal acquaintance in Spanish, “su tio” would be the way you would say “your uncle.”

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